Personal Data Protection

Personal data, as a component of the right to privacy, are inextricably linked to and they determine the identity of the individual. Hence, they can be very “powerful tool” to identify various professional and personal preferences of the one to whom they belong. In fact, they “speak” very loud about the music you like, the sport you practice, they point out on what do you spent your money the most, about your health condition, reveal your political beliefs, etc. If we add modern technological advances, social networking, data transfer in a split of a second, on-line commerce, and overall electronic communication people daily exercise, it can be concluded that personal data “speak” louder and more about us than we ever aware of it!

Having in mind how important are personal data for each individual, hence their vulnerability if they are in “wrong hands”, C3I directs its work to further strengthen and increase the general public awareness. The emphasis will be on expanding the awareness among different social populations in terms of the importance of personal data, potential threats, possible abuses and the forms of self-protection. In addition, C3I focuses on certain sectors, entities, organizations (at different levels of their functioning) in order for deep understanding and implementation of standards for the protection of personal data in the appropriate area.

C3I offers the following expert/advisory services:

  • Organization of general and specialized (sectoral) training for Personal Data Protection (legal entities, organizations, institutions, etc.).
  • Creation and implementation of campaigns for raising awareness on the protection of personal data
  • Preparation of Privacy Impact Assessment
  • Development of a Privacy by Design concept
  • Various research for the specific needs and interest of legal entities, organizations, institutions etc.