Successful realization of the workshop-simulation of “Nominal group techniques for dealing with violent extremism”

On 02.09.2020, C3I representatives in cooperation with HORIZON CIVITAS, using  ZOOM platform, virtually conducted the workshop-simulation with a topic “Nominal group techniques for dealing with violent extremism” in which over 20 participants from the relevant public and civil society took part.

The Nominal Group Techniques (NGT) approach and methodology was developed in the 1970s as a technique that enables structured group thinking and brainstorming in order to provide a basis for a comprehensive approach to problem solving. . The capacity building approach using the NGT method has so far been used in many areas as a consensus building process for a given problem through several stages. Achieving the goal by applying this method takes place through an imaginary scenario that should stimulate creative ideas in participants with expertise from different areas / disciplines to improve the approach or solve an appropriate problem.

The workshop was based on a previously given scenario, stimulating the participants to exchange their views based on their experiences and professional capacities (legal, resources, competencies and real dynamics of action), in order to stimulate a debate which will identify challenges and potential solutions to overcome them. The aim is to improve the comprehensive approach to building prevention of violent extremism.

The workshop had a positive feedback from the participants, who rated it as very useful and it resulted with many conclusions and suggestions that will be used in the future workshops.

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C3I expresses gratitude to all participants who took part at the workshop, and also thanks to its members Metodi Hadzi-Janev (coordinator of the activity), Dimitar Bogatinov, Iliriana Zajazi, Samet Shabani from Horizon Civitas and Marija Jankulovska from the Institute for Cooperation and Democracy development that contributed to the impeccable organization and realization of the event.

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