Cyber Security, Corporate Security and Crisis Management Initiative

The story of the Cyber Security, Corporate Security and Crisis Management Initiative – C3I Skopje, started in mid-2015, driven by the common vision and goal of each of us, the founders: to contribute to society and citizens with a highly developed consciousness and awareness of certain phenomena which are related to various aspects of human security and privacy. Our motivation is driven by the vision:
Society of people who are accountable to themselves and the wider environment is a prerequisite for a world of highly developed individuals, with a responsible and positive attitude towards theirs and others’ safety and privacy.
Different but compatible areas of interest and action of each of us, the founders of C3I, united by the enthusiasm and the vision we share is the initial reason to offer new and quality solutions to social and global challenges.
C3I activities are based on several core values, principles and approaches: focus and involvement of people; transparency; responsibility; tolerance; partnership; equal opportunities; capacity development and support.
Through information, research, education, creation and influencing policies at different levels in various fields, C3I will contribute to increased awareness and discernment among stakeholders on the need for prioritization and responsible attitude of the government towards substantive issues.
C3I will develop capacity through: counseling, training, creation and implementation of projects, assessing capacities and needs, organizing and participating in conferences, seminars, workshops, publishing texts etc.
C3I believes that progress is in the unification of diversity and constructive struggle of opinions and activities, and is therefore open to all those who share with us the vision and the idea to contribute to the prosperity, security and a better life.
We believe that our work will have a positive impact and will mean an important mark on building a prosperous society and satisfied individuals!
Let’s walk and grow together!

Crisis Management

Cyber Security

Corporate Security & Corporate Management